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The Essential Components of a Fire-Starting Kit

You’re going to find that the world can still put you in a lot of different survival scenarios even when you spend most of your time in the heart of a city. Whether you’re hiking, mountain climbing, or simply camping somewhere, you’ll discover that you may have to rely only on your own wits in order to get yourself back to civilization.

One of the most important things you’ll need to do when trying to survive will be to start a fire. You should have a much simpler time getting your fire-starter kit going when you’re using the following information as a guide.

The majority of people you talk to about starting any kind of survival fire will likely imagine that you’re using flint and tinder or a stick being scraped against another one in order to get a spark going, but these strategies will be surprisingly difficult to get right. The truth is that anyone trying to survive in the wilderness will need to be able to get a fire going as soon as possible. Instead, you should make sure to always carry a waterproof match case with you whenever you’re heading out into the wilderness. Regardless of how you end up in any kind of survival situation, there is no doubt that waterproof matches will simplify the process of making your fire.
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Having the right kind of tinder will also be an important part of being able to start any kind of fire. It is nearly impossible to start a large fire by setting fire directly to a pile of logs, since they are never going to get hot enough. The best tinder is going to be small, highly flammable, and able to create pockets of oxygen that will continue the spread of the fire. The right kind of fire starting kit, then, will include some small bags of tinder material in them. These will include things like paper, shredded leaves, or other kinds of dried plant matter. You’re going to have no problem developing a fire when you’ve been able to really include the best tinder possible.
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It’s easy to see that your ability to survive in any kind of situation can depend on being able to get a fire going. By taking the time to really find a fire starting kit that is both highly portable and very effective at getting you a hot fire, there is no doubt that your chances of survival will be much higher. With all of the great tools available online for finding a great fire starter kit, there is no doubt you can get some results quite quickly.

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