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Reasons to travel overseas for wedding photoshoot

 Reasons to travel overseas for wedding photoshoot

We think pre wedding photoshoot is fantastic way to document the love story between couples. The default choice is to do it in our country. But these days, more couples are going for overseas wedding photo shoot, we included.

Some couples actually met each other overseas, for work or study. Taking an overseas bridal shoot in Singapore can be a meaningful way to capture our love story. Other couples are frustrated with the limited scenic spots in their city.

Whether we are doing a pre wedding photoshoot or an engagement photoshoot, here are 5 reasons why we should definitely consider doing it overseas.

1. More choices for scenic spots

We are not restricted by the limited and common scenic spots that our friends have been to. As a Singaporean, one of the most common wedding shots we would see is the Marina Bay Sands and Seletar reservoir tree as a backdrop. Dream of a place where we always wanted to visit? Why not mark the start of our marriage with beautiful photos in our dream destination? Bali, Jeju Island, Kyoto, these are just a couple of the popular destinations. Go wild!

2. Cost-effective photoshoot

With budget carriers + affordable lodging, we can keep the entire photoshoot cost significantly low. Depending on the economy, we might be able to take advantage of a better exchange rate. Recently, more Singaporeans are travelling to Europe due to the recent dip in Euro.

3. No overseas expenses

We do not have to fly the entire crew of photographers and makeup artist over to our dream destination. Do not have to pay extras to cover the costs of accommodation, airfare and food for the crew. Hiring the local photographer is the smarter way to go!

4. Another holiday trip for us

Heading overseas is another great reason for us to go on a holiday trip. Anyways, we have already bought the tickets and booked the lodging, why not extend our stay and spend lots of quality time together. Away from work, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, some peace and loving time, just between the two of us.

5. Stylized shoot

Stylized Shoots have become a very popular trend over the past few years for wedding photographers. They are great for showing off our style and different creative ideas. While the end result and goal of these shoots is usually a blog full of perfectly staged pretty photos that can be used for advertising, there is a lot more to be gained. The blog full of pretty photos is part of it, but that should not be the only inspiration for doing a stylized shoot. It is everything else that goes into these shoots that make them so important. Rather than give us tips on how to shoot a successful stylized shoot. The wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, why not make it a good one? And at the end of the day, it is most important to keep the entire photo shoot in a fun and relaxed manner. Just enjoy it! To read more about bridal photography in Singapore check here.

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